Oral Implants

Dr Young has placed over 6,000 oral implants in the thirty three years he has been conducting this treatment. He can either work on a complete implant treatment or for the surgical stage only.

He can also assist with any problems around failing implants.

Bone Grafts
Dr Young is highly experienced in bone grafting and has conducted over 3000. Patients initially judged as unsuitable for implants are remedied by this procedure.
Dr Young has performed a large number of these treatments and is happy to accept referral patients for this treatment.
Second Opinion / Expert opinion
Due to his wealth of experience and complexity of many of his treatments, Peter is happy to act as a second opinion if required.
Surgical Extractions and Wisdom tooth removal

Dr Young accepts referral cases for complex tooth extractions.

Surgical removals are not covered by Denplan / simply health. Dr Young was however,  recognised by the General Dental Council as a specialist in Oral Surgery back in 2002.

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Dr P Young BDS PhD specialist in oral surgery
29 Castle Street, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 1BA

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