Half Price Professional Teeth Whitening

We now have a cracking tooth whitening offer developed by Peter Young. Call us today to book in.

Oral surgery referrals

For oral surgery referrals, we are now offering a free consultation of 30 minutes for referrals (surgical removal of retained roots, ankylosed roots etc).

Annual Implant Review 10% discount for new patients

Your detailed check up with Dr Young includes :

  • Visual inspection of gums around the implants for inflammation, infection and recession
  • 6 point probing of gum edges to monitor gum health
  • Radiographic inspection of implant to check component fit and bone support
  • Occlusion or bite check with dental carbon paper to ensure that a ‘light bite’ is maintained

Please quote Offer 01 when booking your appointment.


Refer a friend

Recommend a friend or colleague for an implant consultation with Dr Young. If they proceed with treatment you will receive 50% off your next annual implant review.

Please mention the friend you recommended and quote Offer 02 when booking your appointment.

Second treatment offer

If you are returning to Dr Young for a second course of treatment, you will qualify for 10% discount on your new implant.

Please quote Offer 03 when booking your appointment.

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