We are regularly asked to fabricate crowns for implants that Dr Young did not place. However, we need the following information from you, or the surgeon who inserted the implant. This information is essential and should be readily available to you.

1. Who placed the implant?
We would be grateful if you could provide us with their full contact details.

2. What year was your implant inserted?
Ideally, implants should have crowns fitted to them within a few months. Leaving the implant unrestored might lead to the bone density decreasing.

3. Have you had an Osstell reading taken?
This is a simple non-invasive test using a radio-wave test that confirms that your bone is holding the implant in firmly. An ISQ (percentage grip of bone to implant) of 60% is recommended as a minimum reading.

4. What make of implant has been used?
There are many implant manufacturers throughout the world.

E.g., Implantium, AstraTech, Straumann, 3i, IMZ, etc.

5. What model / range of implant have been fitted?

E.g., Osseospeed range of AstraTech, SLActive range of Straumann.

6. What is the diameter is your implant?
E.g., 4.0mm diameter

7. Have you had the bone built up around the implant?
We need to know what material was used. E.g., Bio-Oss.

If you source this information from the surgeon who placed your implant, it will expedite your treatment with us.

Attending for a consultation does not guarantee Dr Young will accept you for treatment. If Dr Young believes you would benefit from treatment elsewhere, he will let you know. Consultation fees are non-refundable.

The implants that were placed in your mouth?
The manufacturer country and their distribution network have a big impact on whether we can help you or not. If we cannot source the components in the UK or find a distributor to send them to us, we will not be able to help you: sorry. Also, the laboratory we use has to have the instruments and components to manufacture crowns bridges or denture which will be placed on your implants. There are over 100 implant systems in the world and we cannot carry stock for each one.

Many thanks,

Dr Peter Young PhD BDS
Oral Implants Limited.

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