Dental Treatments with a Cold Sore

Simple answer?

No….. it’s dangerous for both you and the dental team.

Cold sores are re-activation of the herpes simplex virus. Like all viruses, they are contagious and pose a risk to others.

The herpes simplex virus is spread by contact with saliva or through the aerosol produced by ultra-sonic scaling devices or dental drills.

Cold sores usually emerge as a small ulcer-like patch on or surrounding the lip line, they can come up in a matter of hours. Usually, take between 7 – 28 days to heal depending on the severity. The most dangerous complication is spread from the mouth to the eyes.

Treatment of cold-sores

You can expedite healing by applying Zovirax cream to your lips as soon as you feel a tingle on the lips.

Remember:  never touch a cold sore and then rub your eyes as this can result in serious damage to your eyes and also to the nail beds of your fingers.