Policy to our dental clinic 2021

Please try to avoid failing to attend any of your appointments. The main reason is that another patient could have taken the appointment you have failed to attend and that person may be in severe pain. Failed appointments demotivate our team as it wastes our valuable time. However, if not attending is unavoidable, we ask that you provide adequate notice:

For long appointments (40 minutes plus) we ask that you give us 48 hours minimum notice for long appointments.

For short appointments (10–35 minutes) we request 24 hours notice. 

You can email or text or phone in a cancellation and we greatly appreciate patients doing this.

If you cancel at less than 48 hours’ notice (40 minutes plus appointments) or less than 24 hours’ notice (for shot appointments) or fail to attend there will be a fee due. This is currently charged at £1 per minute of failed appointment. This does not cover the costs of the clinic completely but reduces the loss sustained.

Denplan care fees do not cover late cancellations or failed appointment fees.

Dr. Peter Young & Team