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Oral surgery referrals

For oral surgery referrals, we are now offering a free consultation of 30 minutes for referrals (surgical removal of retained roots, ankylosed roots etc).


Peter Young BDS PhD has an excellent national and international reputation for his work with dental implants. He has placed over 4,000 implants over the past 20 years, lectures all over the world and also teaches other dentists how to place implants at the new dental school in Preston (UCLan). Apart from replacing missing teeth, implants can also be used to make dentures more stable or implant supported crowns and bridges can replace dentures entirely. Dr Young is always happy to discuss the full range of treatment options with you. There is a separate section in the website (Implants) devoted to this important area of dentistry.


A crown is an artificial but very lifelike tooth placed over your existing tooth if it is cracked, severely decayed or has an old filling that is unable to be replaced. Your new crown will be matched to your existing tooth colour and shape to provide a completely natural finish. Crowns enhance the strength and durability of your tooth whilst improving the appearance of your smile.

Teeth Whitening

We offer a highly effective teeth whitening treatment that is approved by the BDA. We make trays to your smile to take home and use which will gradually whiten your smile.

Invisible Fillings

Wherever possible we advocate cosmetic or invisible fillings. Peter is highly experienced in providing natural-looking fillings. So whether you are looking to change your silver fillings or looking for mercury-free dentistry, this is available here at dentist@29.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers can be used to treat crooked, chipped or discoloured teeth and are also highly effective at closing gaps between teeth when alternative orthodontic treatments aren’t suitable.


We believe replacing lost or missing teeth has substantial benefits for your health and appearance. A denture replaces the natural teeth and provides support for cheeks and lips. Without this support, sagging facial muscles can make a person appear older and reduce their ability to eat and speak. dentist@29 provides the full range of denture technology using a first class technical laboratory.


Good oral hygiene is the cornerstone of all of our work at dentist@29. Our skilled hygienist Jill Young will make every effort to help you achieve a fresh, healthy mouth that is really clean.

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