Tam’s Story

I was recommended to Dr Young by my partner as I had been experiencing real difficulties with sensitive teeth which were causing me a lot of trouble. The pain I was experiencing was so bad that it ruined one cruise holiday; I felt so awful that I was constantly popping painkillers and eating only food that I didn’t have to chew.

When I came for my consultation Dr Young was extremely thorough and straightforward in his approach. His X-Rays identified a split in the root of one of my teeth, and an abscess near to where the tooth had split. He also diagnosed gum disease which he said I wasn’t to blame for which made me feel more reassured, and that I was in safe hands. He then proceeded to prepare a plan of treatment to eradicate the pain and sensitivity. After a course of antibiotics and a mini operation on the offending tooth, together with regular visits to their hygienist Melanie my teeth are now pain free and I feel 100% better!

The whole team are brilliant – don’t get me wrong, I am not a huge fan of going to the dentists, but they always calm and reassure me, and I know that they are giving me the best possible care.

Dr Young is now my regular dentist and Melanie is my hygienist – I would never go anywhere else now.