Taking Care of Your Safety

Here at Dentist@29 we understand how VITAL strict Sterilisation procedures are at any good dental practice. Our mouths are teeming with tiny microbes, and any dental practice that sees a lot of patients a day has an inherent potential for spreading infectious germs between patients through contaminated instruments and surfaces. Here at Dentist@29 we minimise all risks by ensuring strict sterilisation procedures are adhered to at all times by all staff. We believe that the whole team should be responsible and therefore constantly invest in improving training and hygiene standards. You can read more about our hygiene procedures here https://oralimplants.co.uk/hygiene-standards/

Here are just some of the basic sterilisation procedures we carry out.


Every instrument undergoes a thorough sterilisation process after every use. Single use items are discarded safely.


No corners are cut when ensuring our patients safely. We have the best sterilisation machines to ensure compliance and best practice at all times. One of our machines the hydrim c61wd.

Record keeping

All the team is accountable for stringent record keeping. All sterilisation tasks are logged, checked and checked again. Our machines also have USB data back-up to ensure there are faults in the sterilisation cycle.

Checking things again

After each sterilisation all instruments are visually inspected.

Keeping instruments sterile

We use sealed sterile pouches and date everything.

It’s important to note that we are HTM 01-05 compliant. You can read more here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/decontamination-in-primary-care-dental-practices