I was referred to Dr Peter Young by one of the dentists at Rudheath, Northwich for an implant. I have had a bridge for many years, but unfortunately the supporting teeth around it had become loose and a dental crown then snapped. Implants seemed the best solution for me as I didn’t remotely like the idea of wearing dentures.

I met Dr Young for my consultation and was immediately filled with confidence that he was going to do a great job. There’s a meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire team – there are no quick fixes – your treatment plan includes plenty of time for your jaw to heal between procedures. Dr Young’s team also are very good at phoning to remind you of your appointment and to check how you are feeling after surgery which was very reassuring.

On the day of the actual implant placement itself, I was quite nervous – I think it was more the fear of the unknown than anything else. The surgery was a little bit uncomfortable at times but I was numbed up well and everything went smoothly.

The next day my face was a little swollen and sore but it was quickly resolved with some paracetamol. And the day after that I felt well enough to help my daughter with her childminding business.

I can highly recommend Dr Young and all his team at Oral Implants – I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again if I ever needed to have another implant.

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