I was recommended to Dr Young by my dentist at the time, because he said I either needed a permanent denture (which I most definitely did not want) or I could go down the route of having an implant. My dentist at the time did not offer implants and so he recommended Dr Young.

At the same time, my dentist chose to go part-time and a new dentist joined the practice. This new dentist happened to be qualified to perform implant surgery. So I asked him to give me a quote for the implant surgery as well as Dr Young. After getting both quotes I took into consideration the cost, likeability of the dentist, clear understanding of the surgery and the overall experience to follow.

My choice was clear, Dr Young was so personable, explained everything in detail and was obviously extremely well qualified. He put my mind at ease and although the surgery from start to finish was going to be a long road, I felt that Dr Young would take care of me throughout my implant journey and would be easy to get along with. He had a great sense of humour too, which I found refreshing. My initial consultation with Dr Young was in December 2011.

At the start of my implant journey I needed to have a tooth extracted. Dr Young performed the extraction and made me most comfortable throughout the surgery, which took place in February 2012.

I needed to have a temporary denture while I waited for the implant to be completed and to accommodate the extracted tooth, Dr Young helped this to be a stress-free experience.

The implant surgery began in March 2012 (Dr Young was going to put in one implant to carry 2 teeth). I was offered sedation medication prior to the first implant surgery which I took because I was extremely nervous. However I only needed sedation on this occasion and was able to manage perfectly well during all the following appointments.

I was given clear details every step of the way and fully informed of what to expect throughout the appointments, and in terms which I could understand. I was also given printed details, after appointments, which gave me a print-out to look at when I got home.

All the staff at the surgery were extremely polite and friendly right from the start. They were also welcoming and cheerful when I arrived for each appointment. I also received helpful phone calls to remind me before each appointment.

Dr Young even gave me his mobile and home telephone numbers should I feel the need to speak to him outside of surgery hours, which was very reassuring.

Implants are very expensive but with the care, attention and professionalism I received throughout and the final result, it was money well spent.

I was so impressed with Dr Young’s surgery that I have now transferred to his surgery for all my future dental treatments including general checkups.

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