Unfortunately I needed a tooth extraction a while ago and I had a gap in my mouth for a couple of years. Fortunately it was in the back of my mouth so it wasn’t visible and looking back now I wish I hadn’t waited 2 years as my gum had begun to recede.

But my background as a nurse meant that I am extremely choosy about finding the right dentist to treat me and to ensure that they had the right credibility. I also lived quite a distance away from the Northwich clinic near Lyme Park in Stockport. I was eventually recommended to Oral Implants by two friends who had both been treated by Peter and had been extremely complimentary about their treatment.

I referred myself and came in for a consultation. I was quite apprehensive beforehand but shouldn’t have been. He was a nice man and gave me the right amount of detail that I needed to ensure that I could trust him. He was extremely thorough, has a very professional aura but what was also important was that my opinion mattered too and was taken into account.

On the day of the implant procedure itself I was nervous but I was quickly numbed up and didn’t feel any pain. I was well looked after by the whole team and the treatment room was like an operating theatre with everyone gowned up, equipment in sterile bags – it felt very clean and safe.

After the procedure I was lucky in that I had no bruising or swelling and I took some paracetamol while the tenderness wore off which took no more than 48 hours to go completely.

When I had my crown fitted I actually was also sent to Steve Dunn the Dental Technician whose laboratory is based a short distance away from the clinic to ensure that the fit was absolutely perfect.

So my advice to anyone considering implants is deal with it sooner rather than later, don’t be anxious, and do have confidence in Dr Young- he’s a great guy. Modern dentistry isn’t painful. And hour each way in a car to travel to the clinic isn’t the worst thing in the world – my dental health is a very important factor- and it shows how much trust and confidence I had in him.

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