Ros’s Implant story

I first came across Dr Young via a colleague of mine who had had an implant 4 years ago. He couldn’t have recommended Dr Young more highly, so I didn’t hesitate in calling the practice directly  and booking myself in for a consultation.

The reason for the consultation was due to a crown that was beginning to fail on my front tooth. It had started to move over a period of time and looked awful and out of place. My own local dentist had tried to replace the crown but unfortunately the roots of the tooth had cracked and the crown was neither secure or viable long term. The only suitable alternative for me was an implant. My job in the hotel industry means that I spend a lot of time talking to people and it’s really important for me to look and feel confident.

When I met Peter for the first time, I knew that I had come to the right place. He was very caring and  took the time to explain to me at the consultation, and then in writing every stage of the treatment, and the amount of time it would take between treatments, stage by stage. I felt completely informed and confident that I was in the right hands and decided to proceed with the treatment straight away.

Dr Young took his time – the treatment took approximately 9 months from start to finish but I was delighted with the way the treatment went, and that the surgery wasn’t at all painful. The whole team at Oral Implants are great – the nurses all appreciate how nervous you are feeling and were always there to provide support during the treatment. Every time I went they seemed genuinely pleased to see you and  really cared about the progress I was making towards my new implant.

It was a 54 mile round trip to the clinic from my house, but I would have gladly travelled 154 miles for the quality of treatment and the care I received. I too have since recommended Dr Young and his team to others -so  if you are searching for the best person to place an implant – I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.