There are several reasons for why oral implants may be considered as an option in your dental health plan. To start, a very brief explanation as to what an oral implant is: An oral implant is a small, yet strong, titanium alloy screw which is used when surgically replacing damaged and/or missing teeth. It’s then drilled into the jawbone so the screw can connect any artificial or other dental prosthetics to the jaw. That being said, let us discuss some of the reasons that people may choose to go the route of oral implants.


Appearance –  Though to many, it is considered purely for cosmetic purposes (and it may very well be) – but for many of us, our smile is a large part of our self-confidence. Having a missing tooth or two, can definitely put in a dent in your confidence and self-esteem. Oral implants have been an aid in not only giving you a full smile, but also in helping to increase your morale and overall confidence with a positive appearance.


Oral Health – When a tooth is missing, a gap remains that sometimes causes the surrounding teeth to tilt and shift towards that gap. Even regular chewing can cause the dental structure to be off-balance. As a result, other teeth may become loose or dislodged, or it may interfere with your ability to chew properly. When this occurs in the same row, typically side by side, it has not been uncommon for bone loss to occur. Having an oral implant in this space has helped in retaining the structure of teeth along the jawbone, and in turn, to aid in helping to prevent further loss of teeth.


Comfort – When you have a complete or full smile, eating is a normal day to day thing. It is hard to imagine eating being linked with pain and discomfort. However, if all your teeth are not intact, or in some cases, if you have missing teeth… you may find that every meal brings discomfort. In some instances, you may find that you avoid certain foods altogether in an effort to avoid having a hard piece of food lodged in your teeth. Oral implants can help to properly chew your food without fear of pain during or after eating.


The most important factor to take into account when you are considering oral implants, is to be sure that your procedure is done by a reputable oral implant surgeon. Dr. Peter Young and his highly skilled team have been providing oral implants and dentistry for over 33 years. In addition to routine dentistry, Peter is a highly experienced specialist in oral surgery and he has placed over 4,000 dental implants over the last 26 years. Feel free to read their stellar reviews at or speak to any of the staff at 01606 75615.