I have actually had two implants at different times at Doctor Young’s clinic. I was first referred to the clinic by Dr Andy McRae at McTooth in Sandiway. I had a wobbly lower tooth that had been caused by a genetic defect. I knew I needed to do something about it and definitely knew that I didn’t want a plate in my mouth.

I was impressed when I met Dr Young as he was very calm and professional and took the time to explain everything about the procedure very clearly and answered my questions. I also didn’t feel remotely pressurised to make a decision during the consultation itself.

I was sent by Dr Young to get a CT scan of my jaw which showed that I needed some bone salts to help to stabilise the implant as I didn’t have enough bone. The whole treatment for my first implant took 11 months from start to finish – although I did have a long trip to India in the middle of the treatment which did delay treatment. Dr Young wanted to ensure the implant had the best chance of success and he explained that waiting between the different stages of the process for healing to take place ensures this happens.

My background as a Chemist and Test Engineer meant that I found all the information they provided informative and useful. Throughout all the procedures I was given clear aftercare instructions and someone from Dr Young’s team always called me the next day to ensure that I was OK which was also very reassuring.

The second time I needed an implant was when a crown failed on one of my upper teeth and an implant was the best solution to replace it. I didn’t hesitate in returning to Oral Implants. The first implant crown was almost but not quite the right colour match to my other teeth so Dr Young and Steve Dunn his Lab Technician went to tremendous trouble to make another tooth that was a perfect match at no extra charge.

Having my implants has also helped to boost my confidence because I had become very conscious of my mismatched crown & my wonky lower front tooth. I was also very aware that I covered my smile was always careful what I ate in public. Now I don’t give it a second thought.

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