Private Dental Implants Cheshire

The reason for needing dental implants is always tooth loss. Tooth loss can happen for many reasons including disease, accidents and decay. Sometimes people have previously had all their teeth removed – not so long ago this was common practice for patients over a certain age. Implants can also be used to get rid of a partial denture. Regardless of the reason for tooth loss it’s distressing and nobody wants to be in this position. If your smile has lost its brilliance due to tooth loss, or you have a number of missing teeth, or even if you have previously lost all your teeth then dental implants are your answer.*

Dr Young BDS PhD has placed dental implants for over 30 years, and his success rate is very high. Dr Young’s private practice in the heart of West Cheshire is well established and offers all aspects of private dental care specialising in oral surgical procedures and dental implants. Choosing Dr Young for this treatment will improve your smile and restore any lost confidence. So look no further than Dr Young, in his care you’re getting the benefit of his extensive knowledge and skill, not to mention an exceptional eye for detail.

So if you’ve always dreamed of getting rid of your poorly fitting denture, losing the spaces where your teeth once were, or your own dentist has suggested dental implants, you need look no further than Dr Young. Start the ball rolling with a simple consultation, this appointment will answer all of your queries and assess your suitability for dental implants. So if you’ve lost your smile Dr Young will help you to find it again.

*A consultation is always needed to assess your mouth on an individual basis. Treatment offered will depend on your current situation.