Northwich Hygienists

Our Northwich hygienist will carry out a variety of dental procedures including scaling teeth, polishing teeth and applying treatments, such as topical fluoride and fissure sealants. Whilst some dental hygienists are based in hospitals, most work in general dental practice. In addition to treating patients, they are likely to play a role in local oral health education programmes. For patients who are looking to find a hygienist Northwich is home to Dentist@29.

Our hygienists are able to offer ever more advanced treatments. For example, airflow therapy is a relatively new treatment which cleans and polishes teeth using a mixture of air, water and sodium bicarbonate. The treatment is not chemical which therefore reduces the risk of chemical burns or irritation.

In addition to actually carrying out treatments, a key role of a dental hygienist is to provide education for patients so that they are best able to care for their own teeth. This may involve demonstrations of cleaning techniques and advice around the best products to use. Our dental hygienists may also carry out simple procedures such as taking impressions of teeth or taking dental radiographs. Some hygienists may be trained to use temporary cement to replace crowns which may have become dislodged.

Our Northwich hygienist can play a key role in helping people to maintain their teeth. Good oral hygiene is important as poor hygiene has been shown to be directly responsible for increased rates of periodontal disease, dental caries, halitosis and discomfort for people who wear dentures. There is also some evidence that there is a link between poor dental hygiene and some oral cancers.

When it comes to how often to see a hygienist Northwich residents are recommended to make appointments every six months, although many people prefer more frequent visits. Many patients visit our hygienists before a significant event such as weddings or a holiday in order to remove staining and ensure that their smile looks its very best. Please call our reception team on 01606 75615 to book your hygiene appointment.