The reason why I first came to Dr Young was that I had a gap in my mouth left by a lost tooth. It was towards the back of my mouth and it wasn’t that obvious. But then had to have the adjoining tooth removed and I realised that I had to take action as the gap in my mouth had become quite noticeable.

I asked my dentist for options and decided that an implant was the best solution for me. My dentist recommended two implant providers and after some research I then booked an appointment with Dr Young. I was instantly put at my ease by the lovely Receptionists and nurses and then had a very professional and thorough consultation with Dr Young who gave me a great deal of information about the procedure and what to expect.

I decided to proceed with treatment and my next step was being booked in for a CT scan to establish that I had enough bone to site an implant. The results of the scan meant that I needed bone salts to support the bone. This wasn’t a problem to me – it just meant that the treatment would take longer. I couldn’t have asked any more from the team who did everything to put me at my ease throughout my entire treatment. I was always fully prepared for each procedure as they always explained what was going to happen beforehand and how to care for my teeth afterwards.

The implant procedure itself was very straightforward on the day itself and the sedation meant I was pain free- I also had my grandson to drive me there and back so I didn’t have to worry about transport.

I was also impressed by the extensive follow-up process to ensure that the implant doesn’t fail and that it will last, theoretically forever. I don’t really understand how some people will go over to Poland or Bulgaria to get their implants done while they are on holiday, what happens if something goes wrong? I can heartily recommend Dr Young and all his team at Oral Implants if you are considering dental implants.

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