Kevin’s Story

I have always been a little nervous about going to the dentist. I came to visit Dr Young as I had a crown on my front tooth that after 10 years was continually falling out and having to be re cemented into place. I knew that I really needed an implant as a more permanent solution, and that Dr Young was the best dentist to treat me. However, I felt awful as I had to keep cancelling my appointment as I was going to and fro to America at the time, but the whole team were very understanding about my constantly changing diary.

At my first consultation Peter was excellent. He explained that for any implant treatment to be a success that the procedure wasn’t going to be completed in a day. He wanted to ensure that at each stage over a 9-month treatment period that my jaw could heal, and I really liked that he didn’t want to rush my treatment. I decided to go ahead.

First off, I needed an extraction of the remainder of my front tooth. It didn’t hurt on the day itself but was a bit sore in the couple of days afterwards. Luckily, it was easily controlled with painkillers. The same experience again with my implant procedure, and again my gums healed quickly.

I’m delighted with my new implant – it feels very natural and totally secure in my mouth. I had stopped doing martial arts whilst my crown was loose so now the implant is all finished, I am looking forward to starting to participate once again.