John’s Implant Story

I have always been a keen sportsman and cricketer and as a result have had a few issues over the years with my front teeth and damage to them by flying cricket balls. One day I felt a crown coming loose so I visited my usual dentist, Richard Heathcote in Macclesfield to see if it could be repaired.

Unfortunately, Richard explained that the entire tooth was coming out. He outlined the three main remedial options available to me- either a gap in my mouth, a denture or an implant.           I knew I didn’t want a gap or a denture, so an implant was the obvious choice. Richard told me that the best place to go for an implant in this area was Peter Young at Oral Implants in Northwich, so I went along for a chat to establish how much it would cost and what was entailed.

I’m not a huge fan of dentists… is anyone of my generation? I think my fear of them stemmed from the dentist who used to come to our school. But I knew that I couldn’t continue to wear the temporary plate which was covering the gap. It made my speech whistle when I spoke. I was not as comfortable about going out any more and started to do things on my own to save embarrassment about my smile.

However, I immediately warmed to Peter and liked how he explained everything to me in detail. I felt comfortable with his recommendation for treatment so decided to go ahead.

The implant placement treatment was much more straightforward than I was expecting. Peter applied something to numb my mouth for the injection, but I genuinely never felt any pain during the treatment. I now have an implant and a bridge, and my confidence has been restored. I’m back socialising again and can talk without a whistle. I can go out and eat at restaurants without thinking twice about what to choose on the menu.

So, all I can do is say thank you to Peter and his team for all he has done for me. I’d recommend Oral implants to anyone and everyone.