Joanna’s Implant story

I was originally recommended to Dr Peter Young’s practice in Northwich by my dentist in Altrincham – and that was over 15 years ago. I’d had a lot of work done before then on my teeth and had a number of crowns that kept falling off and also had a bridge that was insecure. I was worried about enjoying daily life as I just couldn’t smile or eat with complete confidence.It felt like my teeth didn’t belong to me. My dentist had suggested implants as an option and recommended that I came to see Dr Young for a consultation.
I was impressed by Peter from the start, he was both courteous and kind to me. He listened to my problems and I felt as though I was in safe hands – that he knew what he was doing and I therefore trusted him. I felt that he had come across my problem many times before and knew exactly how to fix it for me. He was also fair with the treatmentoptions and alternatives that he proposed and the cost, which was clearly broken down and explained to me.

Over the years that I have been treated by Peter I have had 8 implants in total. You will perhaps be surprised to hear that none ofimplant surgery has actually hurt at all. You have an injection to numb the pain – but even that doesn’t hurt – Peter is very gentle. However your mouth is open for quite a long time and it is a bit noisy but you could always bring some music along to play into earphones. Peter and his nursing team are meticulous. All the treatment is planned in great detail and my surgery always goes smoothly and to plan.There is some minor discomfort afterwards but that is eased quickly by paracetamol.

So now my treatments are complete I feel so much more comfortable and confident when I smile. My implant teeth feel completely natural – just like normal teeth. I would be happy to recommend Peter to anyone interested in having implants – I have always had every faith in him.