Jane’s Apicoetomy and Implant story

I had experienced problems following an Apicoectomy which had been performed by another clinician, and had been advised that it was a difficult decision as to, either repeat the Apicoectomy and replace a crown, or to proceed to an Implant. I was very anxious and after several sleepless nights, and not knowing how to make the right decision, I decided to seek a second opinion, and made an appointment to see Peter, despite almost an hours journey to get to Northwich. He put me at ease straight away, explained everything in depth and gave me confidence that he could help me make an informed decision. I remember at the end of the consultation sitting in the dentist chair and saying how much better I felt!

He advised a CT scan which suggested that an implant was the best way forward, so despite being upset at the loss of a tooth, I had every faith in Peter to be able to achieve a good result with an implant. I am a retired Physiotherapist so have always worked in a caring environment, however the care I have received throughout by Peter and his team has been amazing.
Lisa the implant coordinator, was great too, explaining what was going to happen every step of the way, and I very much appreciated being able to phone her several times for advice and reassurance. I was also given lots of handouts with advice and post-operative instructions, which am convinced helped my recovery. It was noticeable to me how much less swelling, and pain occurred, and how much quicker I recovered compared to the Apicoectomy done by another clinician.

The treatment took just over a year to complete, but now it is finished my implant feels completely natural in my mouth and I am absolutely delighted I don’t have to wear the temporary denture! You really don’t appreciate your teeth until you lose one.

Thanks again to the team, and I am very happy to recommend Peter Young to anyone who is considering having an implant.