Implant Retained Dentures in Cheshire

An implant-retained denture is a set of false teeth that sit on the gums and is securely held in place by dental implants.
Here at oral implants, we are specialists in fitting Implant Retained Dentures in Cheshire.implant retained dentures

A standard denture sits on the bony ridge where the teeth would’ve been. The bulkier the jaw bone the better the denture stays in place. The first set of dentures is usually acceptable but with time the jaw bone will shrink once teeth have been removed and the dentures become looser and looser. This impacts on talking, eating, appearance and makes the mouth sore. An implant denture has special attachments that snap onto the dental implant abutment, much like a press stud. Leaving the denture stable and secure in the mouth. The denture can be easily removed as part of your daily oral hygiene regime. As with non-implant dentures, you must not sleep with them in place and they should be cleaned twice a day along with the gums and visible parts of the implant. Implant retained dentures can be made for the upper or lower jaw, more commonly for the lower jaw as there is less bone here and so bone loss affects the quality of the fit more often.

In the upper jaw, we require at least four dental implants for the best outcome and support. In the lower jaw, 2 implants are enough to keep the denture secure.

An implant-retained denture looks like a standard denture, with a pink gum line and natural-looking teeth. A complete oral hygiene regime and regular dental checkups are of great importance to keep the implants and your mouth in the best condition possible.

Why do I need Implant Retained Dentures?

After the removal of the teeth, bone loss is a natural part of the healing process. Standard dentures can be re-made and tightened but eventually, over time it’s inevitable that they will become loose and poor fitting due to bone and gum shrinkage. This then affects every part aspect of your life, even your health and well being. Certain foods can’t be eaten, talking is affected, confidence is affected and the mouth becomes sore. Implants allow you to eat what you like and be confident that your denture will stay in place comfortably all day.

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