Implant Dentist in Cheshire

If you are looking for an implant dentist Cheshire is home to Peter Young’s practice. Peter Young (PhD, BDS) specialises in implants from his successful private clinic.

An implant is often considered to be the best method for a dentist to replace a patient’s missing teeth. The loss of teeth can cause shrinkage of the jawbone and unwanted changes to the facial appearance that may affect confidence and can make a person appear older than they are. Dental implants have been developed over the last 40 years and are one of the biggest advances in dentistry. By replacing missing teeth and preserving bone, dental implants can help to maintain a youthful appearance and avoid the need for bridge and crown techniques or dentures.

Uniquely specialised in dental implant procedures, and with many years’ experience as an implant dentist, Cheshire’s Peter Young has placed over 4000 implants over the last 26 years.

A dental implant is a replacement for a natural tooth. Made from titanium covered with a microscopic layer of titanium dioxide, the implant is surgically-placed and forms an excellent bond with the living bone. Implants are scientifically-proven to be a very safe and reliable way of replacing one or more missing teeth or fixed bridges and have been shown to last up to 30 years.

Dental implants may also be used to give superior grip and comfort for full dentures. Although the procedure for fitting implants may be simpler and less costly if undertaken soon after tooth extraction, patients can still achieve excellent cosmetic results when their teeth were lost twenty years ago.

Peter is proud of the calm and caring atmosphere he and his team achieve at their Northwich, Cheshire dental implants clinic. Anxious patients are welcome, and Peter concentrates on making the dental experience as relaxing as possible.

For Cheshire dental implants, look no further. Book a patient consultation on 01606 75615 if you are considering improving your smile!