Testimonial 1: Mrs MA from Lancashire

Mrs. M.A. had a front tooth infected for many years. It had been operated on (apicectomized) three times by other oral surgeons. Dr Young diagnosed that this infection could not be resolved by further apicectomies and only be resolved by extracting the tooth.

The tooth was extracted by Dr Young and all infection was cleaned out very thoroughly. A dental implant was inserted a few weeks after the infection was removed. After the implant healed a crown was fitted. The implant crown looks very natural and the implant is very comfortable with no recurrence of the infection.

Following several years of infection, pain and failed apicectomies, I finally found the help I needed from Dr Young and his team. The few months of treatment were very well worth it. The discomfort of surgery is minor and the results speak for themselves. The genuine care shown before during and after surgery is much appreciated.’ Mrs MA from Lancashire

Before Implant Treatment

Swollen gum + infected UL1 central incisor root (patients left contral incisor has a very angry gum infection above it)

After Implant Treatment

Healthy implant at UL1

Testimonial 2

Gum Graft around Dental Implants to Improve the Cosmetic Result: Mrs D of Cheshire

Before Gum Graft

The patient had implant treatment but suffered gum recession around the implant.

After Gum Graft

After gum grafting by Dr Young the metal implant is hidden again.

Gum grafting tends to improve the gum health as well as improving the cosmetic result.

Testimonial 3

Gum Graft to Improve the Appearance of a Bridge
‘Very pleased with the result. Brilliant.’ Mrs EB Cheshire

Before Gum Graft

The patient had a bridge fitted by their dentist but the gum shrank over several years.

After Gum Graft

Dr Young grafted the gum to improve the cosmetic result of bridgework.

Testimonial 4

Dr McK of Cheshire
The patient was wearing a lower full denture and was unhappy due to looseness and soreness of the denture when eating.

Two implants were inserted into the lower jaw by Dr Young. A lower denture was fabricated using studs as shown below (denture grips). The denture is now very comfortable and chewing is easier.


Testimonial 5

Before Implant Treatment

The patient has orthodontic treatment and wore a denture to fill the space at the UL2 position.

After Implant Treatment

The implant and crown are in position and the patient now has a complete smile

Testimonial 6

Mrs LB

Before implant treatment, the patient had 2 teeth missing LL5 and LL6. After implant treatment, the patient can chew better and the spaces are filled with cosmetic teeth.

‘Dr Young’s work was excellent. The whole treatment was so successful that I am not aware of the implants being there and they look perfect.’ Mrs LB from Stockport

Testimonial 7

Failed Bridge Replaced by Implants: Mr EM from Alsager, Cheshire

‘My upper bridge failed which meant I was faced with the prospect of returning to a denture with a palate. Since I had already experienced the difficulties of wearing a denture, I decided to undergo implant treatment. I took just a couple of paracetamol tablets after the surgery. Four months later the implants had bonded to the bone. A very firm precision denture was fitted (with no palate ) which is very comfortable for eating.’ Mr EM from Alsager, Cheshire.

Radiograph showing 8 metal implants inserted into the upper jaw to support a precision denture. This patient had 8 implants inserted into the upper jaw to support a precision denture. They had a large bridge supported by natural teeth which suffered structural collapse. The patient did not want to wear a removable full denture and decided to have implant surgery.

Testimonial 8

Mrs MC from Sandbach, Cheshire

‘My dental problem was caused by shrinkage of the bone in the lower jaw, which then caused the denture to become loose which caused recurrent mouth ulcers and infections. The surgery was comfortable and the final precision denture was definitely worth waiting for. I need never have to worry about the denture moving when talking or eating and I know the bone in my lower jaw will not shrink anymore.’ Mrs MC from Sandbach, Cheshire.

This patient had 5 implants in the lower jaw to make a lower full denture secure and comfortable. They had suffered prolonged pain and looseness of her lower denture which prevented her from eating comfortably.

All this patient’s lower teeth are false, and are supported on implants, so that they do not move. It is now possible for the patient to eat comfortably and to speak with complete confidence.

Testimonial 9

This Patient Underwent a Very Difficult Extraction with Dr Young and then had 2 Implants Placed : Mr PP from Yorkshire

‘I was referred to Dr. Peter Young in 2009 by my own excellent private dentist. I have direct experience of Dr. Young’s surgical extraction and implant procedures. I am pleased to say that the standard of treatment and patient care is very high and consistent.

As a patient I have been treated with respect and courtesy, with every facet of each treatment explained clearly and succinctly, and I am confident that Dr. Young advises appropriately and accurately.

I have had extractions and other dental treatment under the NHS, both in hospital and in ‘the chair’, and I can say that there is little or no comparison with the quality of treatment provided by Dr. Young and his team. I have recommended Dr. Young to others and will continue to do so.’ Mr PP from Yorkshire

Testimonial 10

Major Bone Grafting: Mrs P W from Cheshire

A small number of patients have suffered such severe bone loss under dentures or bridges that they need to undergo major bone grafting (taking bone from the hip). This is only done when no other methods are possible.

To provide such complex implant treatment Dr Young works with other specialists as part of a highly experienced collaborative implant team. Below is a testimonial from a patient who underwent bone major bone grafting:

‘My complex implant treatment has recently been successfully completed by Dr Young and his team. I am extremely pleased with the result.I had 6 implants in my upper jaw for 7 teeth – a row of 3 on one side and a row of 4 on the other side.
Prior to the implant process, I had a bone graft onto both sides of my upper jaw as the existing bone had shrunk due to many years of having dental bridges. A sliver of bone was taken from my hip and grafted onto each side of my upper jaw. The bone graft was left for 4 months ( I could wear a denture in the meantime) before the implants were put in. Having to have the bone graft extended the implant process by a few months, but for me, it has been well worth the extra time as I am so happy with my teeth.

My beautiful new teeth look natural; the colour and shape are perfect and they look and feel like my own teeth – only better!

I had total confidence in Dr Young and his colleagues throughout the process. They are all gentle, caring and considerate. Every detail of the process was very carefully explained at each stage, and extreme care was taken to ensure a successful outcome.I would certainly recommend Dr Young and his team and his colleagues to anyone who may be considering having oral implants.’Mrs P W from Cheshire


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