I remember exactly what happened – I had been feeling quite stressed whilst organising an event, as I was driving along, sucking a mint, I bit hard on the mint and suddenly I felt a crack in my tooth.

After an emergency appointment with my dentist based in Haslington near Crewe, she established that the crack in my tooth had gone too far down into the root for it to be saved.

I was already aware of oral implants, so my dentist referred me to Dr. Peter Young for an implant consultation. A friend of mine had already had an implant with Dr. Young and had been delighted with her treatment so I knew that I was in safe hands.

Dr. Young was both business-like and re-assuring at my consultation and I felt confident that he was going to do a good job.

He charted out a timeline for me of how my treatment would progress over time. Firstly he very gently extracted the cracked tooth and I was amazed how painless modern dentistry techniques are as it had been years since my last extraction. Then after a short time, the implant process could begin which took just over 6 months from beginning to end and ran completely to plan.

Following the actual implant placement itself and as instructed I used an ice pack regularly and took paracetamol during the first 24 hours, I experienced slight swelling but no bruising at all.

Finally when the titanium implant had settled in, the new tooth was put in place, it is a very good match to my own teeth in every way and feels completely natural, I am totally unaware that it isn’t my own.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Young to anyone, in fact I have already suggested that my son visits Dr. Young as he thinks he’s about to lose one of his teeth.

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