Dental implant maintenance

A dental implant is essentially a titanium post which is placed in the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth root (the part you can’t see). The implant is then restored at the top, replacing the missing tooth.

It’s easy to think that once you have undergone this process, the need for regular dental examinations becomes a thing of the past. But after a missing tooth has been replaced in this way, any lack of care to this structure can and does cause implant damage and eventually implant failure may occur.  It’s a similar process as losing a tooth through gum disease. Regular examination visits prevent this process and early detection is vital in maintaining and preserving the life of your implants.

There are many factors to consider when monitoring the health of your implant. Visually does the gum around your implant(s) look a healthy pink colour? Do you see any bleeding when you clean? When you are eating, does your mouth feel the same as before, or has something changed?

Gum bleeding and changes to gum colour could be indicators of peri-implantitis, essentially gum disease around your implants.

Any concern in connection with your implants, be it large or small can be addressed easily by Dr Young.

Even if you’ve had your dental implants placed elsewhere, it is possible for Dr Young to maintain them for you. During an implant examination Dr Young would be checking for redness, bleeding and implant stability. He will also x- ray your implant. Any concern regarding dental implants can be addressed by Dr Young and at the practice he also specialises in the treatment of peri–implantitis and peri–implant mucositis.

If your regular dentist has a concern regarding your implants Dr Young will accept a referral and offer his opinion and any necessary treatment to restore your implant(s) to optimum health. So even if it’s a small thing that is concerning you, don’t delay, Dr Young would rather see you for a simple check and some reassurance that your implant is okay, than deliver the news that there is active disease around your implant because you thought it was better to not have it checked.

Even if you’re new to the Northwich and Cheshire area and have had implants fitted by another dentist Dr Young is still happy to see you. A simple call to the practice is all it takes. Please call 01606 75615 to speak to one of our friendly Reception team.