Davids Implant Story

I was referred to Dr Peter Young by one of the dentists at Toft Road practice in Knutsford. I had a few teeth missing in my lower jaw and I had got to the stage where if I wanted to continue eating meat that I would have to do something about it.

From the first consultation right through to the annual implant check up,  I have found that Dr Young and his team were very professional and informative. There was no rushing through my treatment at all – I really don’t understand how other dentists can advertise new teeth in a day. As far as my experience is concerned, it seems totally logical to wait between each procedure to allow the jaw and implant to settle and heal. My entire treatment took 8 months from start to finish – however I did travel to Australia half way through treatment which made the process a little longer than planned.

So in my opinion I can highly recommend Dr Young for his thoroughness. I am delighted with the way my implant has settled into my mouth – it feels completely natural like a tooth – and now I can eat meat again without a second thought.