Cheshire Dental Specialist

While it can be difficult to find a dental specialist Cheshire is lucky to be able to access the services of Peter Young, who is recognised by the General Dental Council as a Specialist in Oral Surgery and frequently gives lectures to dentists on expert techniques and procedures.

When it comes to the field of implants, he has an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally, and very wide experience. In fact, he has been doing implants for 23 years and has now carried out 4,000 of these procedures. So if this is something you are thinking of doing, you can rest assured that you couldn’t be in better hands, even if your implant is more complicated than most. Friendly and professional, he will make sure the whole process is as easy as possible for you.

Peter Young also specialises in more complex oral surgery and although he is a Cheshire dental specialist, dentists nationwide refer patients to him for specialist procedures.

So if you need a an expert dental specialist Cheshire based, Peter Young will ensure that you have the highest standard of dental surgery, along with outstanding patient care.

Now based in Cheshire, as a Cheshire dental specialist Peter Young has a distinguished history of research in dentistry and oral surgery. He spent ten years at Manchester University Dental School, and has a PhD in Bone Grafting and Implantology. Six of his years there were spent in specialist study of oral surgery, implants, bone grafting and what is known as “prosthodontic” dentistry – the science and medicine of tooth replacement. He then studied in Germany and Sweden in order to learn the latest techniques.

If you have decided to explore the option of implants or other tooth replacement, talk to Peter Young, who is known not only for his expertise and experience but also for the excellent and sympathetic patient care that he offers every one of his patients.