Cheryl’s Dental Implant Story

I was initially referred to Dr Peter Young’s clinic by my dentist in Chester for an implant about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, a year later I suffered from quite a lot of pain in my upper jaw. Once again Dr Young was brilliant, he was very understanding and didn’t embarrass me about my failing teeth.

My husband Jeremy always brought me to the clinic as it was quite a long way to travel from Chester where we live.  But it was worth it – I couldn’t find anyone as good as Peter in Chester.

Peter ensures that you never feel any pain, he numbs you up before any injections or surgery, so each procedure is very straightforward and easy. He keeps to his word and always does what he says he’s going to do. His nurses are lovely – I have been coming for a while now and his team are always welcoming and know us by our name which is a lovely personal touch. I now have 3 implants and I have to say that they feel very comfortable and natural in my mouth.

I’m an ex-model approaching 70 and how I look is extremely important to me. I wouldn’t smile properly when I was experiencing problems with my teeth, but I am delighted to say that Peter has given me my smile back again – what could be better?

I now make the journey to see Peter and his hygienist regularly as a general patient which I feel is a great endorsement of the trust and confidence I have in Peter to look after my smile.