What can I expect when getting dental implants?

It’s only natural to be anxious of a procedure that you know nothing about. At every stage Dr Young will be only too happy to explain every step and answer any questions or address any concerns you have.

At your implant placement visit, arriving in comfortable cool clothes is advised; this ensures you are comfy as this procedure can take between 30 minutes to over an hour. You’ll be covered in sterile drapes as this is a surgical procedure carried out under sterile conditions. The team will all be wearing sterile gowns, gloves and masks. You will be given an injection of local anaesthetic (the same as you will have had for a filling or similar dental treatment). You will feel no pain at all during the procedure. After the procedure you will feel okay and sometimes, some paracetamol are advised before the local anaesthetic wears off. This just ensures your comfort. You can eat and drink as normal; some people favour a soft diet for a few days.

When the dental implant is placed the gum is stitched over. There are a few occasions where the implant top is left visible but you’ll be informed if this is the case.

The implant now needs to integrate with the bone in your jaw (osteo integration). This is a healing process and usually takes around 8 weeks but in a few cases this can be up to 16 weeks. We test the implant before any restoration work is carried out, the test is quick simple and painless. After the desired result is achieved we can expose the implant. This is a minor and relatively swift procedure to uncover the top of the implant if it has been covered.

We can now take an impression of your mouth and implant. A quick and simple appointment. This impression is sent to our dental technician, if the tooth we are replacing is at the front of your mouth, an appointment is arranged for you to visit the laboratory. This is so the technician can obtain the best and most natural looking cosmetic colour match for you. The technician then makes your dental device and this stage can take up to 3 weeks.

After your device is ready you’ll be brought in to the surgery to see Dr Young for a fitting appointment. Before your device is fitted permanently Dr Young will show it to you in place, in your mouth, by looking in the mirror to ensure you’re happy with the cosmetic outcome.

The next stage is lots of smiling from you as your treatment is complete and you no longer have spaces where teeth should be.