Dr Peter Young was first recommended to me by a mutual friend Andrew a couple of years ago. I had been suffering from periodontal disease with bleeding gums and teeth coming loose in my upper jaw. I had actually been to see another dentist about same day teeth but on Andrew’s recommendation decided to go and see Peter for a second opinion. I’m so glad I did.

I was immediately impressed by Peter’s level of professionalism. He took a great deal of detailed information about my general health- I suffer from asthma and I’m also diabetic which has a bearing on any treatment. He’s also very honest – he didn’t shy away from giving me the facts head on so I could make the right choice for me.

I decided to go ahead with treatment with Peter and went ahead with the CT scans to establish whether I needed bone salts in my jaw prior to placing the implants to secure the denture. The whole treatment was across a number of different stages but I can honestly say that he never upset or hurt me – I actually fell asleep in the chair one day I was so relaxed. He also shows you what he’s doing in a mirror as he goes along if you are interested – which I was.

He’s the absolute kingpin in ensuring that the upper secured dentures were absolutely perfect. They were matched identically in colour, size, bite and alignment to my lower teeth – created initially in wax by an expert in Manchester to ensure that I was 100% happy.

And now the treatment is complete I am delighted with my new upper teeth denture which feels as solid as a rock. Two years ago I couldn’t bite a grape without worrying, but now I feel that I could bite the top off a coconut!

I am over the moon with my treatment and I feel that my confidence has also had a big boost in that I can smile and eat anything without a second thought. When I meet people for the first time I don’t worry any more about what they think of my teeth, because I know they look and feel great.

I have recommended Peter to a number of my friends and my wife is now a patient as well.

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