What are the benefits of dental implants

The biggest benefit from dental implants is that they give you your smile back.

Missing teeth cause bone loss and bone loss in your mouth causes a sunken appearance of the face. This has an ageing affect. Dental implants take the place of the roots of the missing tooth / teeth. They support surrounding teeth and help to prevent bone loss occurring. This aids a youthful appearance which improves self esteem.

Dental implants look and feel like having your own teeth as they are situated in your jaw bone. Being fixed into your mouth your speech is improved as there are no more missing spaces or poorly fitted dentures, pronunciation becomes easier. Your mouth will be comfortable again as the implant becomes part of you, this allows you to eat your favourite foods once again with confidence. Even smiling in a photograph and laughing out loud can be done without thought.

The teeth surrounding the spaces are preserved as the implant is a stand alone restoration. It is for this reason that dental implant treatment is most often the treatment of choice by patients and the most recommend treatment by dental professionals. Dental implants are, in most cases, the least destructive to the surrounding areas of the mouth.

Missing teeth and poorly fitting uncomfortable dentures impact on all areas of your physical and emotional well being. Dental implants improve this and the proof can be seen in our very own patient accounts below.