Testimonials from referring dentists

Dr Stephen Davies – Specialist in Restorative Dentistry – Lead Clinician TMD Clinic, Manchester

‘I have worked with Peter Young for many years; in the treatment of patients and with scientific papers. He is a man of the utmost integrity as well as being, in my opinion, one of the UK’s foremost implantologist. I have no hesitation in advising you, whether you be a patient or a dentist, to consult him.’

Dr Damian O’Connor, Clinical Teaching Fellow in Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of Manchester

‘I have referred to Peter for placement of all my implant cases over the past 6 years. All these cases have been totally successful and my patients (including my wife) have been delighted with the end result. Peter and his friendly staff run a professional and thorough implant service.’

Dr Andrew Tyler, Dental Surgeon and Postgraduate Dental Tutor, Northwich


AndresTyler‘I have been referring my implant patients to Peter for about 15 years now.  During this time, my patients and I have been impressed by his dedication, thoroughness and attention to detail.  He provides a first class service appropriate to his high level of skill, experience and knowledge.  I have no hesitation in recommending Peter and one could not fail to be impressed by him and his implant treatment.

More recently, Peter has lectured and taught on my Section 63 oral surgery programme in Macclesfield.  Here I have become aware of his depth and breadth of knowledge in oral surgery and his willingness to share this with colleagues.  His hands-on courses  have been “master classes” in oral surgery, and those attending have greatly benefited from his expertise.’

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Dr Lasse Petersen, Dental Surgeon, Stockport


LassePetersen‘Peter Young has placed implants for several of my patients and they have all commented on how well they feel they have been treated. As a referring dentist, I find Peter to be approachable and very helpful with advice for the restoration of the implants. Put it like this: If I was having an implant I’d ask to be referred to him.’